aamra IX

aamra Internet Exchange (AIX) is the Internet exchange point (IXP) of aamra Technologies Limited (ATL).
AIX was established with the aim to enable interconnection between a multitude of networks, content providers and large enterprises to exchange internet traffic and cross connect locally from a single point.

A pioneer in the IT industry of Bangladesh, ATL expands its services by hosting one of the largest public peering interconnection platforms. Peering through AIX infrastructure network can improve the performance of the internet network for ISPs, telecom operators, content delivery networks and businesses using local traffics mostly. Peering through AIX infrastructure, operators can improve the performance of their internet network with reduced latency and cost-effective interconnection.

Some of the salient features of the AIX Internet exchange point are as follows:

  • Guaranteed QoS with dedicated monitoring team
  • Widespread nationwide infrastructure with multiple POPs in Asia (Singapore) and Europe (France)
  • Unmatched fault tolerance
  • Competitive value proposition for local content hosting
  • Multiple Point of Presence facility for customers so that they can connect from distance.
  • Several critical information center such as National Data Center (NDC), Bangladesh Stock Exchange

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