aamra technologies limited (ATL) is a pioneering technology company that has been dedicated towards providing the banking market with the most advanced and revolutionary hardware, software and connectivity solutions for close to three decades. The synonym of excellence, ATL is trusted by all the leading local and foreign banks for its exemplary service that is always on the rise owing to its highly talented and empowered human resources.
Previously known as Texas Electronics Limited, aamra technologies limited was initiated on December 31, 2007 with a new name and newer visions and missions that promise to advance Bangladesh in their business sector like never before. As of February 03, 2010, ATL has been incorporated in Bangladesh as a Public Limited Company with the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms.
ATL has throughout the years continued to provide comprehensive IT solutions and services that include Systems Integration, Information System Outsourcing, Core Banking Software, Switching and Network and Solutions, supply, implementation and maintenance. As a major player in the IT sector of Bangladesh, ATL has developed its business model over the time through carefully analyzing the emerging market trends of the Asia-Pacific region. The company is investing in capacity and technology that will lead to sustainable, long-term growth and profitability based on the value offered to clients.
aamra’s core focus is to consistently introduce the latest products while maintaining outstanding customer services as it continues to explore newer horizons to deliver newer and better IT solutions to its most valued premium asset – its customers.
As aamra grows ever so competently, it promises to be the first to empower its customer base with groundbreaking technological services that are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of their business for the first time in the history of its industry in Bangladesh.


Excellence and innovation unlimited, through the power of “WE” 
To empower our customers, employees, partners and communities by providing the finest products, services and practices.