IX Members

Name of the Organization AS Number IPV4 IPV6
aamra networks limited 24323 2001:df7:2300:100::31/64
Systems Solutions & development Technologies Limited 63526 2001:df7:2300:100::32/64
Mazeda Networks Limited 63996 2001:df7:2300:100::33/64
EARTH TELECOMMUNICATION (Pvt) LTD 58715 2001:df7:2300:100::34/64
Radiant Communications Limited 38067 2001:df7:2300:100::35/64
X-press Technologies Limited 133854 2001:df7:2300:100::36/64
Akceycom Limited 38192 2001:df7:2300:100::37/64
Triangle Services Limited 45766 2001:df7:2300:100::38/64
Bijoy Online Ltd 24556 2001:df7:2300:100::3a/64
ICOM Bangladesh Ltd 58826 2001:df7:2300:100::3b/64
City Online Ltd 136224 2001:df7:2300:100::3c/64
Minara Firoz Infotech 63980 2001:df7:2300:100::3d/64
agni system 23923 2001:df7:2300:100::3e/64
Innovative Online Limited 38562 2001:df7:2300:100::3f/64